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1) Are internships a must to get into a good company?

Having internships during summer/winter breaks or while you are studying in college, shows a recruiter that is likely that:

a) You have drive and initiative.

b) You already understand the basics of being professional in the workplace - eg: sending emails, email etiquette, managing and setting expectations, attending meetings, etc.

c) It will take less time to them to train you, and you will start contributing sooner.

Because of this, recruiters look more favourably on candidates that have done one or more internships.

However, if you don't have internships on your resume, there are several things you can do to boost your profile:

a) Get an internship as soon as possible.

b) Work with an NGO in the meantime.

Many of them need people to work on finance, marketing, business plans etc, all of which can boost your profile! This can be counted as an internship on your resume, provided you are given a specific role and job to do. Volunteer work on an ad-hoc basis with an NGO is NOT counted as an internship.

You can still get a full time job without any internships, but remember, your chances are improved if you have internships on your resume!

2) I attended workshops during college (one day and multiple-day workshops). Should I add it to my resume?

Single or multi-day workshops hold less weightage than other extra-curricular activities that you have been participating in for several months or a year. If you do not have sufficient extra-curriculars, then go ahead and add workshops to your resume!

3) I got appreciation letters from college because of my participation and role in X. Should I add it to my resume?

Sure, go ahead and add this as a line in your extra-curricular section. For example: "Received appreciation letter for my involvement in <activity>, leading to <outcome>."

4) I have been learning multiple languages, should I include a language section?

Unless the language is specifically required for the job you are applying for, you can add it under additional section. (Download our resume template here)

If the language is required for the job you are applying for, mention it under skills.


More questions and myths will be busted in our next blog posts. Stay tuned!

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