Make every bullet point on your resume pop!

It is common to find resumes with job descriptions copied directly from company websites or even from other resumes. This is a huge mistake. Recruiters want to know what you have done, not what the job posting required. Your aim should be to demonstrate your qualifications and show that you stand apart from your peers. How can you achieve this? Use the What-How-Impact framework!

Each bullet point on your resume must be crafted to explain:

  1. What you did

  2. How you did it

  3. The impact you created

Easy enough? Let’s look at a few examples:

Dharmendra: Call Centre Executive

Dharmendra has worked at a call centre. His initial resume had points that he took from his employer’s careers page.

Dharmendra's improved version indicates to a recruiter what he did, the impact of those actions, and how those actions affected customers. This tells the recruiter a clear story about how effective Dharmendra is and how he compares to his peers. Dharmendra also used an action word (“handled”) at the beginning of his bullet point and added useful metrics to indicate his ability to set and meet targets to the recruiter.

Leela: Finance Executive

Let’s now look at Leela’s resume. She has been a finance executive for the last two years and has also made the mistake of copying a job description from her employer’s career page and pasting it into her resume.

The improved version shows a recruiter that Leela has worked cross-functionally, is able to create processes, handle negotiations well, and save money for the company. All of these are positive attributes that a recruiter would not have seen if Leela had copy-pasted a job description from her employer’s website.

Use Dharmendra’s and Leela’s learnings and rework your bullet points using the What-How-Impact framework!

Good luck, and don’t forget that you can always message us on Facebook if you have any questions!

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