Interview Preparation 101

So you’ve landed an interview? Nice going! Today’s blog post covers five important steps you can take several days in advance to ensure things go well on the day of your interview.

Settle on your interview attire

Most interviews are formal, and you should be prepared to dress accordingly. Make sure you have decided which clothes, shoes, and accessories you plan to wear, well in advance, so that you aren't rushing last minute! While this may require a trip to the store, it will be worth it many times over if you land the job. Also remember to iron your clothes before the interview!

Gather interviewing essentials

Do not show up at your interview empty-handed. Make sure to bring the below items:

1) 2 pens (1 extra in case the first one doesn't work!)

2) Notepad - Don't bring old worn notebooks, bring a diary or a fresh notepad.

3) 5-6 hard copies of your resume - these should be new. Make sure there are no stains or discolouration on the resume, and do NOT fold them.

4) Your ID - It may be required for verification

5) Anything else the recruiter has specifically asked for (for example, a list of references, or experience letters).

If you have a professional-looking bag to carry these items in, now is the time to use it.

Review your materials

There is nothing worse than an applicant who cannot introduce themselves, walk an interviewer through their resume, or explain why they want a particular job.

1) Make sure you are prepared to discuss everything in your written application and can provide added details and anecdotes if required.

2) Also re-read the requirements listed in the job description

3) Prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer.

Practice common interview questions

Many interviewers will ask the same sorts of questions about you, your application, and your aspirations. This means you can prepare in advance for these sorts of questions. To get started, search online for a list of common interview questions, and practice answering them on your own or with a friend or family member. The more you practice, the more comfortable and better prepared you will be when the interviewer asks a similar question. (Also see our recent blog post on tips for answering the most dreaded interview question of all!)

Get some rest

Yes, really! Getting several nights of restful sleep in preparation for an interview will ensure that you are at your best on the big day.

Good luck with your interview prep! Make sure to tune in for our next post on how to approach the day of your interview, and send us any questions you have on facebook - we respond to facebook chats within a few hours!

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