Creating a great Linkedin Profile: Part 2

Hello Again! In this post we cover how to talk about your college and educational qualifications as well as your extracurriculars and about us section.

1) Educational Qualifications

a) Mention the full official name of your college, along with its location.

b) Add majors, year of graduation and your grades.

c) Finally, add your college-related extra curriculars here.

Here's an example of what this could look like. Please make sure to put in only activities that you participated in or organized. This should be in order of the impact you had.

2) Licenses and Certifications

If you have any certifications, such as courses completed on Coursera or through other professional institutions, please add them in this section. You should add all certifications that you have completed. If you have paid for online certifications, you will also receive a credential ID, which Linkedin will verify and show that you have completed it.

3) Volunteer Experience

If you have done any form of volunteer work, through formal or informal organizations, please add this here. This is a bonus for many applications as employers see this as a sign of social awareness, initiative and responsibility.

4) About section

This section is not mandatory, but as a fresher, it is useful to write 2-3 lines about what you are looking for and what you are interested in. Here's an example of a student interested in Data Analysis.

Looking for opportunities in Data Analysis with a Big Tech firm. Have worked on projects related to analysis in my internships. I am familiar with SQL, Periscope and RedShift. Aside from Data Analysis, I often write scripts to automate parts of my daily life, such as sending birthday cards, placing orders online, playing farmville, etc.

5) Other sections

None of the other sections on Linkedin are mandatory for a basic profile. However, if you have any material that fits these sections, for example, accomplishments, or publications etc, you should add these to your Linkedin profile!

Good luck!

If you have questions, chat with us on facebook!

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