Creating a great Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is a great platform to network and to find people with specific skill sets, interests or jobs. How do you make sure it's easier to find you and that your Linkedin profile stands out?

1) Use a professional photo

This is a person's first impression of you. It's all too common to see photos of people on the beach or lounging in a sofa or even drinking/smoking. Linkedin is meant to be a professional platform, keep your photos professional.

But what does professional mean?

a) Wear formal/semi-formal wear. You can wear Indian clothing, like kurtas or salwar khameez as well.

b) Ask a friend or photographer to take your photo - don't take a selfie. The angle is usually not flattering.

c) Ensure that the photo is taken in high definition, and cropped to include your face, shoulders, and the background.

d) Your face should be in the centre of the photo

e) Remember to smile!

2) Write a great headline

This is one line that you need to write about yourself, and is the second thing that people look at on a linkedin profile.

Here are some examples:

a) If you are an M.Com student at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore,

"M. Com student '21, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore"

b) If you are currently working, your job title and company should suffice

"Senior Analyst at Target India"

3) Add your work experience

Add all the jobs you had with the relevant dates. Make sure not to make spelling or grammatical errors here. This reflects very poorly on you. If you are a student, all internships can also be added here.

Here's an example from my linkedin, to give you an idea of what this should look like:

Read our next post to know how to add the educational experience section and how to write an effective about me section on linkedin!

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