Busting Resume Myths: FAQs for Freshers!

Are you a fresher? Don't worry, we're here to help walk you through the resume creation process.

The first thing you should know is that there is a lot of advice available online and through friends and family, which is not necessarily true. This post helps bust most common myths and helps you make your resume the best it can be!

1) Should I include my photo on my resume?

No, you should not. A photo is not part of a standard Indian resume. Remember, a photo might even bias a recruiter during the resume screening process, and does not add value to your resume.

2) What should I include on my resume?

Great question! We've created a template that you can download and use. This template outlines all the different sections and content that you need to add. Remember, this is specifically for freshers and optimized for resume screening softwares! Click here to download!

3) What if I don't have any experience or internships?

That's okay! Not everyone has the chance to get an internship. Especially during this time, it may be hard to land an internship, and recruiters will be understanding of this. To gain some experience, remember you can also volunteer to be an unpaid intern at an NGO. This is a great option and shows recruiters that you are tenacious, willing to contribute to society and help others.

4) What if I don't have any extra-curriculars? Is that a negative?

That's okay! There are many different types of people, some may not be interested in college events, or may not choose to participate in them. There are also limited positions in many events and so not everyone may get to participate or conduct events.

You can add any activities that are not a part of your classes to your extracurriculars. You may be helping a professor with a project or participate in sports, or organize an event. Remember that your activities outside college also count! For example, you may part of the Rotary club or a volunteer organization or be part of your church choir. All of these count. However, if you have none of these activities, don't despair!

There is time to get some activities on your resume. Try to reach out to NGOs. They are always looking for volunteer, and you should try to help. Many even have virtual volunteer opportunities these days!

5) Do virtual internships count? Can I add them to my resume?

Absolutely, yes!

6) I haven't yet received any certification or documentation from my last internship. Can I still add it to my resume?

Of course! If you have worked somewhere, you can definitely add it to your resume. However, make sure to follow up with the company to get the documentation/offer letter/internship letter/relieving letter. You never know when another company will ask for this proof.

7) Is it okay if my resume is longer than 1 page?

If you have >10 years of work experience, your resume can be longer than 1 page.

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