Answering common interview questions

Today’s post covers strategies for answering some of the most common questions an interviewer can pose.

“Tell me about yourself”

This is such a common question that we have an entire post dedicated to it Check it out here! Just so you know, this is a really important question, and you should try to perfect your answer before the question!

“Why do you want to work here?”

This question can be tied to both the job description and, ideally, your knowledge of the company as a whole. Prior to the interview, make sure to read recent news of the company, anything you can find about the team you are interviewing with, the company's general business, opportunities the job offers and culture. You should then think about what appealed to you the most and talk about those aspects.

Do not say you want to work at the firm because of the beanbags and foosball tables or that they are the only place that called you for an interview! This can hurt your chances!

“Tell me about your weaknesses” / “What critical feedback do you receive most often?”

Do not answer these questions with replies like “I have none” or “I never get negative feedback.” That is simply not true. The recruiter wants to know that you are reflective and can be moulded based on feedback you receive. It is best to be honest and subsequently describe how you are addressing your weaknesses. For example, a reply such as “I recognize that I sometimes talk too much in meetings, but I am working on this by writing down my most important points so I do not get distracted while speaking” answers the question and draws the interviewer’s attention to your thought process and plans for future improvement.

“Where do you see yourself in X years?” / “What are your long-term goals?”

Avoid answers such as “In your role” or “I don’t know”. The recruiter is looking to see whether you have given your future any thought and how ambitious you are. Explain which skills you are hoping to gain from the job you are applying for and how they realistically align with your aspirations. For example, try something like “I am passionate about marketing analytics, and I would like to one day lead a team doing that type of work. That’s part of the reason I’m so interested in this position, as it offers opportunities to develop both my technical skills and my managerial skills through working alongside mentors that I know will help me grow into a strong marketing team leader in the future.” Do not repeat this verbatim, this is just an example for you to understand how to answer this question! :)

That’s it for today’s post, but check out the next one for answers to several other tricky questions! Chat with us on facebook if you have any questions!

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